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Bayonne Announces Change in Parking Lot Policy for December

Mayor Jimmy Davis announced a change in Bayonne’s policy towards parking lot fees for the month of December.

Mayor Davis said, “In recent years, the City of Bayonne has offered free parking in municipal parking lots for non-commercial vehicles during the month of December.  That policy was intended to encourage Christmas shopping in Bayonne.  However, the free parking policy was abused by out-of-town commuters who parked their cars in the lots for several hours while they took the Light Rail to work in New York.”

Mayor Davis continued, “The free parking policy was supposed to encourage shopping in Bayonne. Unfortunately, the free parking policy turned many spaces in the Parking Utility lots into free, daylong commuter parking for people who are not Bayonne residents.  As a result, we decided not to offer free parking in the lots this year for the month of December.  There will still be free parking on Sundays, and on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.”

Mayor Davis concluded, “We will observe what happens this year to the parking situation during the month of December in Bayonne.  Then we will consider what to do in December 2020.”

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