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Wonder Woman in Hoboken

Dear Editor:

I had the pleasure of visiting your city in October when the following occurred.

My daughter-in-law who lives nearby had a dental appointment in Hoboken and I went along to care for their baby daughter Ada Jane, then four months old. The plan was that I would take Ada for a stroll down the main street for about an hour.

She says that there will be a lot of moms with strollers and if you have a problem you put up a red flag and one of them will likely come to your rescue. Feeling safe, we took off for our stroll starting about 15th street, Ada safely in her stroller with a little blanket to shield her from the sun. I stopped at a hardware store but she didn’t see anything for her so we left and continued our walk down to First Street when it seemed to me to be about at least a half hour out. So we headed back.

While it was a bright and sunny day, it was very windy and now we were headed into the wind. We get to about 5th street and the intersection was like a wind tunnel. I was fighting to control the little blanket and the stroller when the wind blew off my hat. Now this was my retired Marine Corps hat that I hold dearly. The hat was off over the curb and out into the street where cars were running over it, showing no respect. The conundrum. Leave the baby Ada and run after my hat? Consequences flashed before my eyes. What if the wind blew the stroller out into the street? Would I get my hat first and then run after the stroller or get the stroller first? What if an opportunist kidnapper should appear, and grab Ada, would I get my hat and then chase the opportunist kidnapper?

Well, out of nowhere, a woman bound past me and over the curb, out into the street and grabbed my hat in front of an on-coming bus, then she bound back and stuffed the cherished hat into my hands and then disappeared. I think she was Wonder Woman but I hardly got a look at her before she was gone. I told Elizabeth the story and she said I made the right decision, conundrum solved.

Tom Sisul

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