De Niro Damages the Image of the Italian People

Dear Editor:

Robert De Niro maintains that the president should get hit with a bag of feces. In my opinion, every Italian should grab a bag of the same substance and hurl it at Mr. De Niro; let him have it right smack in the kisser. Robert De Niro is a “stronzo” in every sense of the word. De Niro has made a career portraying Italians as “Mafiosi.” Stated another way, Robert De Niro has been instrumental in fostering – and perpetuating – the hurtful, unsavory stereotype that many have of the Italian people; namely, that we’re a bunch of criminals and gangsters.

For those who disagree, consider this for a moment. In 2006, De Niro received an Italian passport. De Niro’s Italian citizenship was granted by the Italian government despite strong opposition by the Sons of Italy, who firmly believe that De Niro has damaged the public image of Italians by portraying criminals. The Sons of Italy make a excellent point.

John Di Genio