We Need to Talk about Environmental Racism

Poster on Environmental Racism in NB
Poster on Environmental Racism in NB

Dear Editor,

As a resident of North Bergen, I was struck by the news of a massive power plant being planned in our neighborhood.

Fortunately, the Diamond Generating Corporation has dropped their application for now to make technical changes and Mayor Sacco and Governor Murphy both expressed their disapproval of this polluting facility.

However, this does not change the fact that the company will soon resubmit the application, and similar cases can develop in the future as well.

Residents and opposing organizations have done their best to fight against this environmentally hazardous facility, but I would like to add on that this is a case of social injustice as well.

We must ask ourselves, why was North Bergen, among all regions, chosen to undertake the pollution in order to generate electricity for New York City exclusively?

Based on my research, I believe this is a case of environmental racism.

There is no particular reason for the power plant to be built in North Bergen, but for its weak political and economic representation as a working-class Latino community.

Please refer to my research paper here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pg8ggpejuo54tr/Research%20Paper_2.docx?dl=0

Let us acknowledge the threat to our community and fight against it, whether it is in the form of the Meadowlands Power Plant or something worse.

Yoohyun Lee