Repeal Secaucus Plastic Bag Ban

Repeal Secaucus Plastic Bag Ban
Repeal Secaucus Plastic Bag Ban

Dear Editor:

The Secaucus plastic bag ban scheduled to start February 1 should be repealed. This undemocratic plastic bag ban was not voted on by the people of Secaucus. Instead of the people deciding, the plastic bag ban was ordered by a small Secaucus town council who could easily have put it on a referendum but chose not to.

The Secaucus plastic bag ban will impact in a bad way thousands of hard working families in Union City, North Bergen, and West New York who buy groceries at the very crowded Secaucus Walmart.

What a waste of time it will be for hard working people when the lines to buy groceries at Secaucus Walmart become even longer and slower than they are now. It will be frustrating and even humiliating when every person entering Secaucus Walmart has to bring their own used bags for the checkout clerks to use.

Most unfair of all is that the majority of people who will suffer from this badly thought out Secaucus plastic bag ban don’t even live in Secaucus, they live in Union City, West New York, and North Bergen.

Robert Glover