Attend the Women’s March on Jan. 18th!!


Dear Editor:

Why join this year’s Women’s March? Women’s rights are coming under attack worse than ever and with it attacks against the family, too. We need to organize now before laws are passed that hurt women, girls, and the family.

Currently Congress and the Senate are discussing paying for the increase in military spending and the taxes for the rich by cutting food stamps (SNAP), school lunch programs, as well as social security payments to disabled children. Such cuts would be devastating; causing considerable hunger in a country where nearly half the population lives at or near the poverty level. Unless women are organized, we can expect the cuts to take effect.

Women still earn less than men, are not entitled to paid maternity leave, paid days off for sick children or elderly parents, or free state-sponsored childcare. Most single women receive no child support and the laws make it easy for men to pay very little or avoid paying at all. Sexual harassment is still common in the workplace and rape today frequently goes unpunished. In fact, how many of us know a woman who was fired for saying “no” to the boss or leaving work early because her son became seriously ill at school?

What’s worse is that women may not even be able to organize anymore, if the Senate enacts the Equality Act, which Congress passed. The Equality Act literally strips women and girls’ of the right to any safe, same sex facilities or organizations.

In the 1930s women valiantly helped in winning the rights of workers to have a minimum wage, 40 hr. work week, Social Security, clean water, free education. In the 1970s, we turned to fighting for our own rights: the right to be able to work, open bank accounts, and birth control. In 2006, we continued with the #MeToo movement fighting against sexual harassment in the workforce. In 2020, we need to reorganize as women and the family are once again being attacked.

Let’s make this event a success and have our voices heard.

The women’s march will take place on January 18, 2020 starting 11 a.m. at Columbus Circle in NYC. WREE will be gathering outside the PATH Station at Journal Square at 10 a.m. and will head over at 10:30 a.m. Bring signs if you can.

There will be a pre-march meeting. Please contact us for more details. WREE can be reached online at or by phone 201-426-7830. We can be found on FB at: WREE-women for racial & economic equality.

Anna Coco,
Coordinator at WREE