Trustee Maria Valado appointed President of Bayonne Board of Education

Christopher Munoz takes over as vice president

Bayonne Board of Education trustees voted for Maria Valado to lead the board in 2020 at the yearly organization meeting.

She takes over from Board President Joseph Broderick. His loss was largely the result of support from Trustees Jan Patrick Egan and Lisa Burke, who ran together on a ticket under the slogan “Together We Can,” which was endorsed by Mayor Jimmy Davis and the entire city council.

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Trustees Egan and Burke supported Valado over Broderick.

In an interview with the Bayonne Community News, President Valado thanked her peers and expressed her desire to keep moving the Bayonne school district in the right direction.

“I was honored to be elected by my fellow trustees,” Valado said. “I look forward to working with everyone to keep moving our school district forward. We have been making great progress already.”

Valado highlighted increased communication as a key goal.

“I hope to have more communication with parents and the community,” Valado said. “I believe that we have a great team and very progressive vision, so we will be able to accomplish great things this year.”

Board Trustee Christopher Munoz was appointed as vice president of the board at the Jan. 6 meeting. According to Board Secretary Gary Maita, the final vote for both elections was 5-4.

The current members of the board include President Valado, Vice President Munoz, as well as Board Trustees Michael Alonso, Joseph Broderick, Burke, Jodi Casais, Egan, and Ava Finnerty.

Secretary Maita said that Trustee Casais made the motion to elect Valado as president, which was seconded by Trustee Burke.

Votes in favor of Valado becoming president included Board Trustees Casais, Burke, Egan, and Munoz as well as Valado herself. Trustees Wilbeck, Finnerty, Alonso, and Broderick voted against the motion.

Munoz in as vice president

Board Trustee Christopher Munoz was appointed Vice President of the Bayonne Board of Education at the Jan. 6 meeting. Photo courtesy of Bayonne Board of Education.

President Valado made the motion to elect Munoz as vice president of the board. The motion was seconded by Trustee Casias.

The board voted the same way as they had for President Valado. Votes for Munoz came from Trustees Casais, Burke, Egan, and Valado in addition to Munoz himself. Board trustees Wilbeck, Finnerty, Alonso, and Broderick all voted against the motion.

The 5-4 results ended the previous reign of Trustee Joseph Broderick, who had served as Board of Education President since 2016.

Board Trustees Egan, Burke, and Wilbeck won their seats in the recent November 2019 election. Trustee Wilbeck won re-election after serving as vice president of the board for the previous four years.

President Valado and Vice President Munoz are both up for reelection on Nov. 17, 2020 after initially winning their seats in 2017.

The next Bayonne Board of Education meeting will take place on Tuesday Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. in the Board of Education Anna J. Herbert Meeting Room. Open workshops and an agenda session will be held beforehand at 6 p.m. in the same location.

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