Blood on whose hands?

Dear Editor:

Helen Nicpon (‘Iranian General Soleimani,’ Jan. 7) obviously believes what she sees and hears on Media, but even her hero, Trump, has derided Media for its “fake news”, calling Media “the enemy of the people”, the truest thing he ever said.

Nicpon says that the Iranian leader who was murdered by Trump’s drone was a “ruthless killer”. Like any general in any army, he defended his country against enemies, killing them when he had to, and Iran had two enemies, the U.S. and Israel. Iran became our “enemy” back in the 50’s when, to steal its oil, CIA overthrew its elected president and installed a puppet ruler, the Shah. When after several years the Iranian people rose up, kicked out the Shah and installed a ruler of their own, media began demonizing Iran for years, and a majority of Americans, whose memory goes back only a few months, if that, believed the lies: Iranians were the “Bad Guys”.

But Iran has not started a war in over 300 years. Iran is no threat to America or nuclear-armed Israel. Under Obama, Iran (along with Russia and Europe) signed a “nuclear deal” in which they agreed not to enrich uranium to make a bomb, not a hard decision, they claimed, because using such a bomb would be against their religion. When Trump was elected, to please his NeoCon handlers, he scrapped that nuclear deal, and, determined to punish a country that had never harmed America, invoked crushing economic sanctions under which the Iranian people now suffer.

Oh, and speaking of killing, America has no peer in that business. Its invasion of Iraq, based on lies (“weapons of mass destruction”) has killed millions of innocents, made millions more homeless, and cost us taxpayers $6 trillion. America invaded Afghanistan, killing many more, then it invaded Libya and murdered its elected president.

Blood on Soleimani’s hands, Helen Nicpon? Only a drop, compared to the gallons on America’s hands.

T. Weed