A message from the Mayor of Bayonne

The year ahead

As I write this column, we are saying farewell to 2019 and looking forward to 2020.  Many important things will happen in Bayonne in the coming year.

During 2019, my administration worked hard to keep Bayonne Medical Center in business, while its owner, CarePoint, sold off its other hospitals in Hudson County.  We will continue to work for Bayonne Medical Center’s survival in 2020.  Since CarePoint is getting out of the hospital business in Hudson County, it is our hope that another healthcare company will decide to take over Bayonne Medical Center in the New Year. The hospital’s emergency room has been a life-saver for many people in our community.  Bayonne Medical Center is also one of our community’s biggest employers.  To save lives and maintain jobs, we need to keep the hospital open.  We have held meetings with several of the key players in healthcare.  We will continue to do so as we work for a positive outcome for the people of Bayonne.

Construction continues around the community on a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  More development plans are expected to be approved in 2020.  Many of the new developments are located at the former Military Ocean Terminal. At some point in 2020, ferry service is expected to start between the former Military Ocean Terminal and Pier 11 in Manhattan.  Pier 11 is located near South Street and Wall Street, close to where many of our residents work in New York’s Financial District.

Every ten years, the federal government counts the American population.  Census 2020 will be very important for Bayonne.  We know that our local population has been growing in recent years.  New people have been moving to Bayonne.  Since so many federal and state programs base their aid programs on municipal populations, we want to make sure that everyone in Bayonne gets counted in Census 2020.  In March, Bayonne residents should receive an initial mailing and reminders from the Census Bureau with instructions about getting counted.  People will be able to take part in Census 2020 on the Internet, or by telephone, or on paper by regular mail.  Anyone who does not take part by April will receive an in-person visit from the Census Bureau.

We will continue to work hard to keep the hospital open, to encourage economic development, and to make sure that everyone gets counted.  Happy New Year!