JC shooters also researched a Jewish community center in Bayonne

JC Kosher Supermarket was the scene of an anti-Semitic attack on Dec. 10.
JC Kosher Supermarket was the scene of an anti-Semitic attack on Dec. 10.

Federal and state law enforcement officials updated the public on Jan. 13 on their investigation regarding the Dec. 10 mass shooting at the JC Kosher Supermarket which left four dead in what the NJ Attorney  General’s Office has called an act of domestic terrorism.

Shooters David Anderson, 47,  and Francine Graham,50, also researched an unnamed Jewish community center in Bayonne, according to law enforcement officials.

“We know now that they planned greater acts of mayhem on both communities,” said U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito.

Officials also revealed that the pipe bomb found in the van parked outside the JC Kosher Supermarket on Dec. 10 was powerful enough that it could have injured people up to five football fields away and that surveillance video showed Anderson and Graham had driven past the market in their rented U-Haul van at least two times before the Dec. 10 shooting.

On Dec. 10 Anderson and Graham killed Detective Joseph Seals at Bay View Cemetery before driving a white U-Haul van outfitted with ballistic panels to the Kosher supermarket.

At approximately 12:21, Anderson exited the car with a long rifle and began firing on the store, at which point both Anderson and Graham entered the store.

Three citizens were killed in the attack, including Mindy Ferencz, 32; Douglas Rodriguez, 49; and Moshe Deutsch, 24. A fourth person who was in the store was shot but escaped and survived.

Anderson and Graham are also the prime suspects in the death of Jersey City resident and father of two Michael Rumberger, 34. He was a livery driver whose body was found in the trunk of a Lincoln Town Car near 17th Street and John F Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne on Dec. 7.

The two shoooters harbored a hatred of Jews and law enforcement, and according to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito, Anderson posted to social media calling Jewish people  “imposters who inhabit synagogues of Satan” and referenced “wicked Israelites who love darkness as cover for their wickedness.”

“This was nothing but a senseless, evil, cowardly act of anti-Semitism and hatred toward not just the Jewish community, but also law enforcement,” Carpenito said.