Why are New Jersey residents fleeing the state?


Dear Editor:

Statistically, New Jersey has become the number one state that residents are fleeing from. So, some may ask, why? Here are a few examples of why NJ residents are leaving in droves:

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1. The average homeowner is paying in excess of $15,000 in property tax, the highest in the country.

2. We have a governor and legislators that are pushing for the legalization of marijuana, commonly known as a gateway drug. While they are prostituting themselves for the sales tax revenue that this legislation would generate, there is a national campaign about the dangers of vaping. Is there a mixed message here?

3. NJ has Freeholders in every county — what exactly do they do?

4. Most superintendents of schools are paid an average salary of $250,000. For what? The schools are in shambles because they lost their way of teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing and math as evidenced by the students annual testing scores showing they are far below their grade levels. First and foremost, superintendents should take decisive action against “bullying,” instead of closing their eyes to this problem, it is destroying the fabric of the educational system and the victims are left with a lifetime of emotional scars. Order should be brought back to the schools by showing zero tolerance for this behavior, so then students can learn without fear.

5. NJ has so many patronage jobs that pay in excess of $180,000. Political hacks are sitting on so many different boards, i.e. NJ Transit Board, Port Authority Board, etc.. For what? The trains are old and always late, the bridges are crumbling and the tolls always go up. Elected officials should sit on these boards and not political contributors. All of these patronage jobs should be totally eliminated.

6. Honest PATH riders pay their fare and have to watch as fare beaters stream through the handicapped slot at Hoboken, Newark and World Trade Center in droves, all under the watchful eyes of the police. The fares just went up another 40 cents a ride to pay for these deadbeats. Why is this being tolerated?

7. Small town police chiefs make in excess of $200,000 salaries. Their pensions are excessive. For what? There is very little crime in the suburbs.

Waste, fraud and abuse are the reasons people are leaving this state. Changes in New Jersey need to be made soon, if not, you will have more of the middle class fleeing to tax free states like Florida and Texas.

Helen Nicpon