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Widespread redevelopment in Bayonne continues with approved 6-story building

At its recent meeting, the planning board addressed multiple residential developments

The site of the newly approved six-story residential redevelopment at 33 Prospect Ave.

Bayonne is experiencing a boom in residential development.

In its first meeting of the year on Jan. 14, the Bayonne Planning Board held public hearings for two proposed developments and adopted a resolution approving a third proposal.

The first proposed development was approved by the board after the public hearing portion and will likely be adopted in a resolution at the February planning board meeting.

The new residential development will be on 33 Prospect Ave. Prospect Property Urban Renewal, LLC sought the approval of its final site plan that involves the construction of a six-story residential building.

The new building will contain 85 residential units with 89 parking spaces. Presented by attorney Michael Miceli, the company initially proposed the development with 66 residential units and 77 parking spaces.

While the unit count may have increased, the number of bedrooms remains the same. Miceli said the multi-bedroom units were reduced in size, creating more one-bedroom units. According to Miceli, the redevelopment has evolved in response to the market.

Bayonne resident Mike Morris spoke in favor of the Prospect Avenue development at the meeting, noting it was a “beautiful project” and that the building “fits the neighborhood.” Afterward, the board voted unanimously in favor of the development.

33 Prospect Avenue is the former site of Export Meat Packers. The new six-story building is adjacent to the Skye Lofts South development, with the 22nd Street Light Rail Station sandwiched between the two buildings.

An 8-story mixed-use development was approved at 211-217 Broadway.

At the same meeting, the board voted to adopt a resolution approving a proposed development at 211-217 Broadway. The development includes the construction of an eight-story residential building with 49 units.

The developers, 211-217 Broadway, LLC, presented their final site plans at the Dec. 10 planning board meeting. The empty lot, abutting Route 440, would be redeveloped into an eight-story apartment complex featuring amenities such as a gaming area, fitness room, and rooftop terrace.

The other redevelopment proposed at the public hearing was for a mixed-use 10-story tower on 282-284 and 286-288 Broadway, across from the QuickChek on East 12th Street. The applicants, Allan and Joanne McLeod, sought approval for their final plans to construct a 10-story mixed use building. Their plans call for the building to have 151 residential units with retail space on the ground floor.

This case was presented by attorney Christopher Vitale, but developers asked for postponement after city planners questioned the applicant’s architect regarding the window tint and lack of a finalized design for the proposed rooftop terraces.

While the McLeod developers regroup, other developers are looking to build other 10-story buildings near Broadway.

Developments expand off Broadway

The L Group, developer of the building at the former site of Resnick’s hardware store, is interested in developing the adjacent land. An ordinance was adopted at the Jan. 15 Bayonne City Council meeting that could allow developers to construct redevelopments on a side street off Broadway.

Developers from the L Group bought the former site of Resnick’s and began construction on a 10-story mixed-use building in 2016. Since then, the L Group has been eyeing neighboring properties for its next project.

At the meeting, developers were granted a study for the redevelopment on nearby land. The city council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance that authorizes a study of the properties owned by the L Group on West 46th Street and West 47th Street.

The L Group seeks the survey to determine if the area constitutes a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment. If the investigation concludes that the area fits that description, the L Group would be able to construct more 10-story buildings adjacent to the current development on Broadway.

Twenty West 47th Street, one of the properties being studied for redevelopment by The L Group

However, the development isn’t on Broadway. It’s on the surrounding area off of the commercial street.

Morris spoke against this potential development, noting its location in a side street neighborhood.

“I’m fine with 10-story buildings going up on Broadway, but once it crosses into the neighborhoods that are situated off of Broadway, we have major problems,” Morris said.

Council members were quick to assure the public that the ordinance adopted doesn’t authorize the redevelopment, only a study to see if the properties identified by the L Group are in need of redevelopment.

City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski said that the developers are not even in possession of all the properties on West 46th Street and West 47th Street.

But residential developments continue to spring up across the city.

St. Joseph’s Syriac Catholic Cathedral, a Slovak church more than 100 years old, was recently demolished so construction can begin on twin residential developments across the street from one another.

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