Can Americans be trusted to choose their President?

Dear Editor:

Case In Point: Schiff and Nadler both expressed congruent contemptuous statements about the American electorate that cannot be trusted to choose the president. This statement in and of itself is one of treachery and borders on treason for the very reason that it totally breeches the U. S. Constitution and says that a partisan ”majority” in the House of Representatives is smarter, more moral, more informed, and more in touch with the “Will of the People” than the people are.

This is dereliction of duty for what Schiff and Nadler have been “elected” to do, the “Peoples’ Business,” not the “party biding,” it endangers our Democracy and equates to the unprecedented despotism by and of the Legislative Branch–what the Framers sorely did not intend.

It’s ludicrous how really preposterous and far flung from the sacred annals of our Republic that idea is, even worse is that it emanates from two representatives “voices” of the people who should be voted out of office in 2020.

John Amato