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Dear Editor:

The Democratic Party has done more to destroy and divide the very fabric of this country by steam rolling the impeachment of this president. The stupidity level of the democrats, namely, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Gerry Nadler attempt to topple a duly elected president because of a phone call that questioned corruption in Ukraine.

Does anyone really think the President, with two dozen people listening on the conversation, intentionally abused his power in order to gain an upper hand on VP Biden? The President doesn’t need any assistance going up against Biden, a man whose memory is fading.

Rep. Schiff, who was in the forefront of trying to tell us that the president was a Russian agent for two years needs to have his head examined, for all of these false allegations. From the day this man was elected, there are powerful forces within the government that want to destroy his administration and his legacy because he might expose them for all of their shenanigans. Some people might find President Trump belligerent but when you are constantly fighting for your survival from all sides in this political juggle, you too wouldn’t have the nicest deposition.

Helen Nicpon

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