Town of Secaucus and Secaucus Public Library Remember The Korean War

Secaucus Councilman William McKeever with Secaucus Korean War medic and author Charlie McAdam
Secaucus Councilman William McKeever with Secaucus Korean War medic and author Charlie McAdam

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday evening, January 29th, Secaucus Councilman William McKeever presented “Remembering The Korean War” at the Panasonic Room of The Secaucus Public Library. Sponsored by The New Jersey State Historical Commission and The Hudson County Office of Cultural Affairs, Lee Penna the Community Outreach Coordinator at the library helped to organize this event.

This comprehensive, informative, evocative, and entertaining affair featured a power point presentation by Councilman McKeever that provided a detailed history of the Korean War, as well as poignant images and/or names of 78 Secaucus Korean War Veterans.

Secaucus Korean War Combat Medic Charlie McAdam read from his book “Lost and Found” about his tender experiences treating the wounds of a war-ravaged Korean family and describing the hopeful look on the face of a young Korean girl of this family. Fellow Secaucus Combat Medic Gerard Marra talked about all the penicillin shots he had to administer, and about the lifelong friendship he made from the War with Dr. Lee Chee Bok.

Many members of Secaucus American Legion Post 118, as well as Secaucus VFW Post 3776 attended . Representing American Legion Post 840, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Korean War Veteran and West New York resident Hector Maisonave, who was honored along with his 65th Infantry Regiment with the Congressional Gold Medal told the audience that he only did what any of his combat brethren did and honored those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. He also said we should pay it forward by helping homeless veterans as best we could.

Representing the Town of West New York and Weehawken American Legion Post 18, Historian and Veteran Patrick Cullen, son of Korean War Medic Patrick Cullen and cousin of West New York’s first to die in that War,(July 20, 1950) Robert Dayton, read his cousin’s June 25, 1950 letter to his family, written the day North Korea invaded South Korea, and also talked about the five other West New York Servicemen who died during the Korean War.

Live music from that period was wonderfully presented by The Pettets, an acclaimed group consisting of sisters Ashley and Kristen (supported by Ashley’s singer and bass playing son Todd) who gave stirring harmonic renditions of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, “Sincerely” and others.

Patrick Cullen