Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

Dear Editor:

Senator Mitt Romney has been praised as a true statesman who heroically voted with his keen sense of duty, conscience, and convictions; instead of simply rolling over and going along with his GOP colleagues in the Senate. If only that were the case!

Some have compared Romney with Edmund G. Ross, the Republican Senator from Kansas whose vote denied the Radical Republicans from removing President Andrew Johnson from office in 1868.

Granted, Ross may have cast his acquittal vote to thwart the avaricious political ambitions of Thaddeus Stevens and his cohorts from establishing what would have amounted to an “American Oligarchy.” Mitt Romney’s defection wasn’t that noble. If anything, I suspect that Mitt Romney voted in favor of removal as a means to posture himself for a higher political calling. – from the Democrats.

A short time ago, Joe Biden stated that he would consider having a Republican run as his candidate for Vice President. Considering Biden’s statement; a dark, foreboding shadow of doubt has now clouded Romney’s historic vote. Specifically, did Mitt Romney cast his vote based on his strong moral fiber and uncompromising beliefs – as we have been led to believe? Or, was his vote nothing more than “politricks” at the national level?

Indeed, politics make strange bedfellows. A Biden-Romney ticket definitely would validate that saying.

John Di Genio