What our government and China are not telling us about the coronavirus

Dear Editor:


Wuhan, China is the home of bioweapons research and development facility: BioSafety Level 4 laboratory for the storage, research and development of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases.
At first, it was, “nothing to worry about” and that, ” 40-65,000 Americans die each year from the flu”.
It was reported that 1000 Chinese had died (in actuality, it was more like 10,000 that number!)
Next, a quarantine was implemented.
By the end of January, the US Congress was discussing ways to prepare/combat the threat.
Meanwhile, all reports of the protesters, in Hong Kong had ceased where, just weeks before, it was reported that, the Chinese government was stockpiling tanks and military vehicles at the Chinese side of the Hong Kong border.
• Next up was the story of 16,000 bodies being cremated and buried in a mass grave and that the Chinese government was obviously lying to the world about the extent of the pandemic.
• Cruise ships are being used to quarentine passengers and military bases on both coasts of America and are being readied as quarentine centers.
• Back, in China, a hospital to accommodate 10,000 people was built in 1 week.
Recently, it was reported that, a Harvard professor, alleged Charles Liever, and 2 Chinese spies were arrested and charged on two different counts of medical theft and selling the virus to the Chinese government and we’re apprehended before they could flee the country
• As it happens, the “ground zero” for the virus, in China is, Wuhan which, is the only CDC-type laboratory in China.
Coincidence? You decide.
•Our Conclusion: the virus was used as a bioweapon to control the Hong Kong protesters because using military action against them would have decimated their already crumbling economy. But, somehow, it got out of hand so quickly that, they couldn’t control it. So far, it’s in 15 countries and spreading.
• China had shut down whole factories and frozen the use of fiat currency. The incubation period is 14 days. They hope that the warmer weather will slow the spread of the virus. It’s gonna get worse before it gets, better.
The “Good news”??? A lab in California discovered a vaccine within 3 hours and is trying to bring it to market, quickly.
Unfortunately, most of the chemicals and chemical plants needed to make are in China…..

John Amato