A Parasite on “Parasite”

Dear Editor,
Prior to now, I have never written a letter to the editor of a newspaper.  Before returning to The Republic of Korea to take care of the family’s business, I have lived a significant part of my life in Hudson County; specifically, Jersey City. I’ve learned that the people of Hudson County, a proud and self-determined group of individuals, may disagree on many issues. But, the people of Hudson County can smell rotten Kimchi a mile away. They recognize nonsense whenever it presents itself.  Donald Trump is handing the people a ton of rotten Kimchi when it comes to the film “Parasite.”
First and foremost, the Korean people are very thankful to the United States for the help that it has given the Republic of Korea throughout the years. The alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America is one that has been forged on the battlefield and sealed with the blood of brave servicemen fighting for freedom and democracy. The spirit of “Katchi Kapsida” (“We go together”) has prevailed for 70 years. Granted, there were times when the alliance was strained. But, in the spirit of “We Go Together,”  this endearing alliance has endured.  nd, yes, this grand alliance will continue long after Trump departs the White House; which, based on his foolish remarks about “Parasite,” can’t be soon enough.
I am very sorry to say that Donald Trump continues to be a huge embarrassment to the United States and to the American people. As a Korean, I am very proud of director Bong Joon Ho for the work that he has done with “Parasite.”  How dare Trump criticize a film that he openly admitted that he has never viewed. I can only guess that Trump doesn’t like the film because he has a problem with Korea and her people.  .
“Parasite” is a movie about class struggle, about the “haves” and the
“have nots.” It is a film about greed and hypocrisy. One can say that “Parasite” is a movie about the pretentious attitudes of the very rich  and their disdain for the lower classes. Essentially, it is a movie about the obnoxious, nose-in-the-air behavior of society’s aristocracy; you know, people like Donald Trump.
Trade issues are a matter of international politics and diplomacy. However, taking a cheap shot at a foreign film – a South Korean movie that won four Oscars – diminishes the President’s credibility. Such bigoted remarks tarnishes the office of the Presidency.
Then again, perhaps Donald Trump, had he seen the movie, would have had trouble keeping up with the story’s pace and plot. Given his limited intellectual capacity, maybe reading the subtitles would have proven to be too much of a challenge for Trump. Perhaps Teletubbies is more his speed – “Eh-oh!”.
Ed Joining Ho
Seoul, Korea