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Another seven-story residential development approved in Bayonne

According to developers, the 82 residential units could attract more than 100 new residents to the city

A rendering of the proposed seven-story mid-rise at 746 Avenue E

Avenue E has become a hot spot for residential developers. The Bayonne Planning Board approved an application for yet another seven-story development, this one at 736-742 Avenue E.

The proposed multi-family building would be one of the first that motorists see upon entering Bayonne from the NJ Turnpike. The site is currently the home of Beacon Oil, an industrial oil warehouse that has long operated in the city.

The developer, 746 Avenue E Bayonne Urban Renewal, LLC, plans to construct a seven-story multi-family residential building with 82 units, consisting of 53 one-bedroom units, 18 one-bedroom units with a den, and 11 two-bedroom units.

At the meeting, the architect stated that the development would include 82 on-site parking spots, bringing the parking spot to unit ratio to 1:1.

The project calls for two parking scenarios that depend on access to the ground below the site. The applicant may construct two levels of parking, with one below grade, if the ground beneath the site is accessible to construction crews.

At the meeting, developers expressed concerns over boulders underground and potential oil pollution that might compromise their below-ground parking plans. In which case, the developer also has plans to construct the parking facility at grade level. This proposal requires an automatic parking machine with stacked parking spots.

Amenities proposed include a ground-floor lounge and rooftop terrace with green space.

Not so controversial?

The proposed development was mostly well received at the March 10 meeting.

Some residents did take issue with parking. City Councilman Gary La Pelusa, addressing the developer as a private citizen, voiced his concerns over the driveways on Avenue E. Developers reassured La Pelusa, noting that they were removing certain preexisting driveways, thus adding on-street parking in front of the proposed development.

Outspoken resident Mike Morris called the development “very feasible and worthwhile for the surrounding businesses in Bayonne.”

The planning board was largely pleased with the development as well.

Commissioner Terrence Malloy wanted more green space for the rooftop area. Initially there were plans for a green wall to be constructed on the building, at the corner of the development, which people driving into Bayonne from the NJ Turnpike would see first.

However, the developers decided to go with a decorative brick pattern wall structure because the green wall would not survive year-round.

Malloy then expressed confidence in the project, noting that the proposed development was one of the large number of developments being approved by the Bayonne Planning Board. According to Malloy, these tax-rateable projects will contribute to a population growth of 10,000 that will bring in approximately $150,000,000 to Bayonne and contribute to a higher quality of life.

Commissioner Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski addressed her concerns over delivery parking. She noted that Avenue E is a busy area and with the removal of driveways, the question of where delivery trucks would park at the new development was raised.

Double parking on the street would no longer be possible under the new plans. In response, the developer pledged to designate an area inside the parking garage for deliveries.

The ratio of parking spots to units remains the same regardless of which parking plan is chosen.

Conditions of approval

There were some conditions of approval the developer agreed to prior to the board’s vote on the application.

The developer must provide the board with NJ Transit notice as the property borders its property. 746 Avenue E is just blocks away from the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station at 45th Street.

The developer must provide a delivery area in the parking garage. Another condition called for prohibiting retail space from being included in the development, as prior plans for the building showed.

Last, the board required the developers preserve and donate the Beacon Oil lighthouse prop sign on the building. The model wooden lighthouse has been a “beacon” or symbol of Bayonne to people entering the city via the NJ Turnpike. The city’s Historical Society has asked the sign be preserved and donated.

The Bayonne Planning Board voted unanimously to approve the application after the public hearing. Chairman Karen Fiermonte added that she noticed that the quality of life has improved in Bayonne as a result of the approval of developments like 746 Avenue E.

At the meeting, the planning board also adopted a resolution approving another seven-story development on Avenue E that was proposed at a public hearing last month.

Another resolution, approving the creation of a hospital district encompassing Bayonne Medical Center was approved at the March 10 meeting as well and will head to the city council for further implementation.

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