Third person infected in Jersey City

Mayor Steven Fulop said a third person was infected with COVID-19 on March 15.

According to Fulop, it is an 80-year-old Jersey City Heights resident.

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“He has been in isolation. We are following up proactively w/all contacts, although of note for residents he has had limited interaction w/JC residents overall,” tweeted Fulop. 

Fulop said he expects positive tests to significantly increase in the area as more test results come back “but we are all waiting on the state/federal testing guidelines to be loosened so this can happen. Of note here: the 3 positive cases in #JerseyCity didn’t come through standard CDC protocol in that the tests went through private healthcare providers 1st. Why is that relevant? It highlights gaps between ppl w/access to better insurance vs lesser insurance which isn’t helped by slow fed reaction.”
He said social distancing is important as that “will have the most meaningful impact in the near term.”