Stop the Panademic

Dear Editor:

Stop the panic. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US HAS THE POWER TO KILL COV19. Yes, we can stop the virus by STAYING HOME!!! If the virus has nowhere to go it will die out! Stop looking for a magic pill, take responsibility for yourself.

Put thoughts of cabin fever into constructive activity; spring cleaning, read, soak in a warm bath (do things you didnt have time for before) catch up on phone calls. Have your children come up with ideas(they can be very creative) create new games… have them do the spring cleaning, hmmm.

Most people will recover, that doesn’t reduce our responsibility. If you must go out take all precautions: cover face, eyes, hands and ears. The mist can linger in the air for 30 minutes and live on surfaces. Wash when you get home. Today’s statistics state one person can pass the virus to 45 people rather than 9 of the typical flu.

I rather take part in killing the virus than the responsibility of passing the germ that can take a life.

Pass the word not the virus!

Debra M Pizer