Thank you from Congressional Candidate Jennifer Zinone

Dear Editor:

I want to thank everyone who signed my candidate petition for the House of Representatives. Old friends and people I’ve never met reached out to me with support. I then successfully challenged the only other Republican candidate in the 10th District (parts of Bayonne, Jersey City), and he’s been removed from the ballot.

Before the shutdown, I enjoyed the many conversations I got to have with people while going door to door. After the shut down, I wasn’t sure how it would work. But after reaching out to people online and through email, text and calls, I was blessed to be able to continue those great conversations. People shared their stories with me, they shared their concerns, their ideas for what’s needed in our government, and they shared their hopes for what we can do together. To every one of you, I thank you and I look forward to meeting many more of the people in our community.

I know this is a scary time. But the way our community is reaching out to one another with support and encouragement, I have no doubt we will get through this stronger and closer together. Stay safe and healthy!

Jennifer Zinone