Globalization Downside

Dear Editor:

As China tries to lie and manipulate the truth and worm themselves out of their direct involvement in the origins of the Wuhan virus, people from all over the world are suffering and dying and none more so than this country and Italy. In China’s quest to be recognized as a world power and to enter Europe, they encroached themselves into Italy by purchasing some of the world’s famous Italian designer brands and instead of retaining the Italian factory workers to continue to produce the lines, their brought in over 100,000 Chinese laborers into the Italian factories.

So, when the Chinese New Year ended in early February and all of those workers returned from the Chinese holiday, they spread the Wuhan Virus into the Italian community. As a result, you have 18,000 innocent Italians dead along with over 100 devoted doctors and 30 nurses also dead because Italy lost it’s own identity when they entered the European Union, whose only goal is its push for globalization throughout the world.

With all the lessons learned now, the European countries should follow Britain’s lead and exit this union for their own health and safety.

Helen Nicpon