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Your health, your park

Dear Editor:

During this difficult time, think about how fortunate you are, not just to have your health, but also to have a nice park where you could (up until a few days ago), get off the crowded, urban streets for some air and recreation in a beautiful setting.

Imagine a referendum in which voters objected to building a school in Hudson County’s Braddock Park, and a year later, your town brought 17 big, ugly trailers into Hudson County’s Braddock Park as a “temporary” preschool location.

Imagine they are still there, aged and unsafe, 20 years later, because NJDEP Green Acres failed to report that the softball field they inspected was now the preschool site.

Imagine that the state told the mayor beginning in 2011 that the preschool had to leave the park immediately, but the mayor didn’t comply and the state did nothing.

Imagine that this preschool was not properly inspected for safety regulations compliance and there were some very dangerous violations.

Imagine that North Bergen-Hudson County lied about all this and more, to the state and the federal government and nothing was done.

How would you feel?

Robert Walden

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