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Stay With the Program

As we go through another week of the Coronavirus crisis, my message to you is to stay with the program.  Stay home. Avoid crowds. Don’t create a crowd yourself.  Wear a mask when you go shopping.  If you must go out, stay at least six feet apart from other people.  Wash your hands frequently. The goals here are to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and to save lives.

Keeping with the program involves sacrifices. All of us have things that we miss about normal life. We have friends and family members that we want to see again in person.  We look forward to having our children back in school.  Our children would like to play again with groups of friends.  They miss games, clubs, and other activities.

In recent days, it was difficult for people to celebrate Easter and Passover without family and friends.  Houses of worship have either not held services or have turned to the Internet to reach out to their congregations.  Some local houses of worship are holding services online or offer video replays of prayers and reflections by our local clergy.

Many of our residents have lost their jobs or are working from home.  We look forward to a time when people can go back to work with health and safety. Restaurants have suffered.  I encourage our residents to order food from local restaurants through their take-out and delivery services. Bayonne has restaurants that offer food from many different cultures around the world.

Public transportation is still running, but services have been cut back.  We look forward to the day when trains, buses, and ferries can return to their regular weekday schedules to transport our residents to work, school, shops, and appointments.  If you take public transportation, please create some distance between yourself and other passengers.

Last week, Governor Murphy ordered New Jersey’s state and county parks to close, in order to prevent crowds from spreading the Coronavirus.  We have decided to keep Bayonne’s municipal parks open, so that people have some places to go for a quick bit of fresh air and exercise. If you use our local parks, please do not go with a group or form a crowd.  Stay with the program.

If we continue to stick with the program, we can help win the struggle against the Coronavirus.   Thanks for all that you have been doing.  There will be better days ahead.




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