Why does Bill Gates support the WHO?


Dear Editor:

Why would a multi-billionaire, Bill Gates, support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) conduct during this pandemic? The WHO falsely claimed that there was no human-to-human transmission, thereby jeopardizing the health and safety of everyone and destroying world economies.

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The WHO’s primary mission is to control and prevent pandemics and to share that information throughout the world. They have clearly failed in their agency mission, so why should the United States give them a penny, when they have proven to be inept, liars and too ignorant to function? What happened to the $480 million dollars that the United States funded last year? The countries in the North Africa that they are supposed to be helped with our funds are still suffering from poor living conditions, poor health and extreme poverty. So, what good are they?

The United States doesn’t need the WHO, and no one is preventing Mr. Gates from funding WHO in its entirety. How Mr. Gates can be a proud supporter of the WHO performance, an organization that nearly killed the Prime Minister of England, is hard to reconcile. The world is suffering from their corruption. WHO needs to be disbanded and reconstituted with a new name and new board members, with a clear mission and proven accomplishments.

Helen Nicpon