Trump Adopt’s Dr. Mengele’s Methods to Treat Coronavirus

Dear Editor:

The President’s comments about ingesting or injecting household cleaning agents to kill the coronavirus are irresponsible. Of course, the President later recanted; he claimed that he was being sarcastic. By the way, swallowing household cleaners is a common method of committing suicide.

Although the typical person knows that cleaning agents are lethal if taken internally, some have tried this toxic medical quackery as a quick and relatively cheap treatment to eradicate the virus. These are difficult times; and, during such periods, some become depressed and desperate. Desperation leads to desperate acts, such as swallowing poisonous chemicals to treat a deadly virus.

Historically, there was a doctor in Germany during the 1940’s who also experimented with deadly chemicals on human subjects. Donald Trump just took a page out of Doctor Josef Mengele’s prescription pad.

John Di Genio