Governor Cuomo’s Incompetence

Dear Editor:

It is hard to believe that Governor Andrew Cuomo has an 80 percent approval rating based on his performance during the pandemic. While the arrogant and manipulative governor holds daily new conferences praising his own performance and sharing with us on how he is ensuring his own mother’s personal safety by making sure she doesn’t have any contact with anyone, he authorized seniors who were afflicted with the Coronavirus to return to the nursing homes to afflict others and let thousands of our most vulnerable seniors to die. Yet, he is championed as a future presidential leader.

Governor Cuomo has had the gall to say, “America was never Great!” Do we really want a presidential candidate to be trashing his own country? During his tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Clinton Administration, he was instrumental in setting mortgage policies that created the housing bubble in 2008. His great orator skills covers up his incompetence.

Helen Nicpon