Protect the healthcare supply chain

Dear Editor:

As New Jersey continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, we have to do everything we can to make sure people have access to the products they need to stay safely in their homes. And we also need to ensure that, in the event of emergency, our care facilities are equipped and ready to assist. It’s important that our pharmacy and drug store shelves stay stocked and that our hospitals have the medicines and equipment they need to treat patients.

For our lawmakers, the most important question to ask is how we can ensure nobody goes without the proper resources – whether preventative products like masks and cleaning supplies or ventilators and medicines in an emergency. And as we anticipate potential treatments and vaccines in the coming year, it will be important that we can produce and transport these products across the state and country quickly.

The every-day medical needs of Americans nationwide still require attention while we work to combat COVID-19. As a senior, these are particularly concerning times. My health is my lifeline against the virus, and folks in my situation still depend on reliable access to our daily medications. A strong supply chain has to be able to meet those needs while preparing for future treatments. We are relying on our leaders to help build and support a network capable of doing both.

Rita Prezioso