Stop the Lockdown Rally, Fridays 1 p.m. Trenton!


Dear Editor:

Please join us Every Friday at the State House Building 125 West State Street in Trenton at 1 p.m. as well as on Memorial Day.

As I’m writing this, millions of children are going to bed hungry. Many parents; especially single mothers find themselves with no job and unable to access their unemployment benefits or even collect food stamps due to high demand and closed offices. Even schools which provide free breakfast and lunch programs are closed.

As we mourn those deaths due to Covid-19, we at Stop the Lockdown NJ are extremely concerned over the social impact of the lockdown and the unconstitutional draconian measures being instituted in NJ and across the US; ranging from mandatory curfews and social distancing to forced closure of small businesses. This while allowing big businesses to remain open. Measures which not only are further destroying our economy, but which border on unconstitutional fascistic tyranny.

Worse yet, Oklahoma and other states have passed bills similar to Congressional Bill HR#6666, which our NJ Congressmen support. After the lockdown ends, these bills will promote forced quarantines, vaccinations, and insertion of RFID chips (patent 060606. Yes, 666!) that will grant the states the authority to take children and family members away from their homes who refuse; reminiscent of tactics used in Nazi Germany. We cannot allow NJ to pass similar bills.

Over 99 percent of those who get this new strain of Covid-19 recover. While we encourage everyday sanitary measures such as hand-washing and sick people staying voluntarily home, we have to ask ourselves, flu kills 60,000-80,000 people yearly in the US and yet the government has never declared a lockdown or demanded social distancing.

Worse, why is the internet censoring natural remedies? It’s self-evident the lockdown is not about health, but about the crash in the stock market (the worse since the 1929 Great Depression) and the 1 percent criminalizing working class people from organizing and protesting.

We cannot be guided by irrational fear. We have to be guided by our reason and moral compass. Millions of people who are struggling, hungry, or on the brink of eviction need us. In some cases those people might be us. Unless the lockdown is ended, people will suffer tremendously. Moreover as crops are allowed to rot in the fields, this will lead just like during the Great Depression to famine as the price of food rises exponentially affecting everyone. Already the price of eggs has nearly doubled in some areas.

If you’re against the lockdown, please call us to help end it and promote local events. You might think as an individual you can’t do much. Yes, you can. Contact me at: 201-426-7830 or go FB at: Stop the Lockdown NJ to help build a movement.

Let’s try to build coalitions and work together to create rational, sane solutions that help everyone; particularly the most vulnerable.

Anna Coco
Stop the Lockdown NJ