Support Our Local Merchants


Dear Editor:

No one is really certain how long this virus will afflict us. However, based on recent Congressional actions and government declarations, we know that businesses and the purveyors of essential commodities are indispensable to society’s well-being; specifically, in terms of economic growth, fiscal benefits, employment, and community wellness.

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Without doubt, throughout history, merchants have been the backbone of society. Throughout this pandemic, businesses have struggled to remain accessible, to continue providing goods and services, and to keep serving the public, frequently through creative alternative methods.

When COVID-19 eventually passes; and, make no mistake about it, pass it shall, we really should make every effort do our part to support local businesses. We should make a concerted effort to shop and spend locally. This would help our mercantile neighbors to get back on solid footing.

It is up to all of us to keep our merchants robust and resilient. Shopping at local stores will help to keep our retailers strong so they, in turn, can keep our community vibrant, viable, and sound.

As clearly demonstrated throughout the annals of history, society needs small businesses, and they need our help to keep them solvent.

John Di Genio and Albert J. Cupo