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Reflection in Solidarity with the African-American Community

Over recent weeks, and in recent years, we have witnessed instances of brutal murder of African-Americans by white men, some of whom were in positions of authority. These killings, only the most recent in a long legacy of brutality that has defined the most basic underpinnings of our nation, have provoked intense anger, sadness, and desperation throughout the country. These instances of violence on African-Americans have occurred in the midst of a global pandemic that is laying bare vast discrepancies in access to healthcare, in financial stability, employment, housing, and education. The time is now to focus on rectifying past and present injustice, identifying prejudice and bias – both overt and inherent/unconscious, and envisioning and working towards a future of peace, justice and equality.
     The killing and violence enacted on African-Americans must stop. Our society must end the incessant racism and violence. We stand in solidarity with the African-American members of our company, staff, board, school families, audience members, and community members, in demanding change.
     We acknowledge that our organization operates within a system of inequity where privileged status is granted, consciously or unconsciously, to white people, to upper socioeconomic status, to hetero-normative gender identity, and to other divisive classifications. We are proud that Nimbus’ mission and foundation are based in inclusivity and access to the arts. This Spring Nimbus pledged $100,000 in scholarship funds to support Jersey City youth from every socioeconomic background to participate in the arts.
     But we know we all can do more. So much of our work as artists and arts educators hinges on empathy, respect, and communication across difference. This allows the essential safe space for learning, collaboration, curiosity and creativity. This work is ongoing and as much as we promote inquiry among others – audiences, students, community members – we must be willing to turn the mirror on our own practices and perspectives. For honest equitable dialogue, we must identify and address our own pervasive and insidious biases, prejudices, racism and sexism.
     At Nimbus we are invested in equality and equity. We are proud of what our organization has been able to accomplish through the committed work of our diverse staff, board and company of dancers, arm in arm with the Jersey City community, one of the most diverse in the nation. For Nimbus, the diverse makeup of our organization and community is essential to who we are and the future we are working towards. We pledge to continue to employ the arts as a common ground for authentic communication and expression, across racial, cultural and economic differences.
During this time of turbulence across the country and world, let us find strength to bring about justice and peace.
In love and solidarity,    Nimbus Staff
•     •     •
Nimbus Dance Board of Directors
Jennifer Morrill – President
Mark Censits – Vice President
Hali Epstein – Secretary
Madeleine Giansanti Cag – Treasurer
Stephanie Daniels Reinfred Forson
Ning Holmes Hannah Kwon
Aaron Morrill Wendy Paul
Samuel Pott Christine Wyble
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