Memorial Day “heroes”?


Dear Editor:

John di Genio, praising our fallen “heroes” on Memorial Day, should read an article on the Internet, “Interventionists Should Use Memorial Day to Apologize to Vets and Victims”.

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Yes, apologize.

This constant, mindless praising of our “heroes” is sickening. All our wars have been predatory wars, not defensive wars. Heroes? Young men, sent by predatory old men to die in a foreign ditch were cannon fodder. Those old men can’t wait for some of those young men to be killed, for then they can bring out the flags, make speeches, play martial music, praise the “sacrifice” these dead young men made for their country; and, no less important, give those who start the wars a chance to shame and punish those who tell the truth about these wars, all based on lies.

T. Weed