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Welcoming Back Local Businesses

During the last few months, most New Jersey businesses have been closed or severely restricted as a result of the Coronavirus.   Most businesses were closed, in order to limit the transmission of the disease.  New cases of the Coronavirus have been on the decline in recent weeks. Governor Phil Murphy has announced a gradual reopening of businesses in New Jersey. Many local enterprises will be coming back in stages, beginning this month.

Effective June 15, restaurants will be allowed to have outdoor dining.  Tables must be placed at least six feet apart.  Social distancing must be maintained. Self-service food and drinks will not be allowed. Reservations will be encouraged. The New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association released a set of guidelines for restaurants: sanitizing tables and chairs between uses; offering only individual condiment packages; and eliminating table lemons and unwrapped straws.  The state will allow New Jersey restaurants with liquor licenses to apply for one-time special permits to serve alcohol outside.  However, restaurants will have to comply with local liquor ordinances.

“Nonessential retail” businesses will be allowed to open, effective June 15, with reduced capacity.

On June 22, hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen.

We should all welcome back our local businesses as they reopen.  Bayonne’s small businesses need our help now more than ever.  The owners and employees have had little or no income in recent months.  They will have the opportunity to serve customers, either for the fist time in months, or with fewer restrictions than they have had up till now.  We should all support our local businesses as they reopen.  If a restaurant has outdoor dining, please patronize that restaurant.  Please continue to take advantage of restaurants that offer pick-up and delivery services.  Please get your hair cut or styled at a hair salon or barbershop.  Please buy something at our local retail stores, regardless of whether the state considered them “essential” or “non-essential.”  The jobs at all of them are essential to the workers and to our local economy.

If new cases of the Coronavirus continue to decline, the state will continue with the gradual reopening of the economy.  If new cases of the Coronavirus start to climb again, we will not be able to get back to normal.  Please continue to wear a mask when you go shopping.  Maintain social distancing.  Let’s continue to make progress against the virus and for our economy.



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