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Bayonne streamlines process to apply for outdoor dining

Permits may allow establishments to expand seating outdoors

The Bayonne City Council has moved to streamline the application.

As New Jersey begins Phase 2 of reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic, many municipalities have been taking steps to make it easier for local businesses to get back on their feet.

Last week, the City of Bayonne announced a new application for temporary outdoor dining for “food and beverage” establishments, to begin opening outdoor spaces on and after June 15.

The Bayonne City Council passed a resolution in a special meeting on June 10, in accordance with Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive orders, to streamline and expedite the process to apply for outdoor dining.

As part of an effort to support the local economy, the city has determined that some local food and or beverage establishments may temporarily establish outdoor seating with the issuance of a temporary use permit.

The application can be found at the city website: http://www.bayonnenj.org/web_content/pdf/Temporary-Use-Permit-Certification.pdf

Temporary use permits

These permits may allow food and or beverage establishments to expand areas for outdoor seating, on a case-by-case basis.

The temporary use permit is from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) licensed facilities. The permit is active during normal business hours for non-ABC licensed facilities.

The temporary use permit for outdoor dining is only for food and or beverage establishments with an active mercantile license from the city. If an establishment currently has approved outdoor dining, the temporary use permit is necessary only if the establishment wishes to temporarily expand its approved outdoor dining space to include a rear yard or patio area.

According to the application, temporary use permits shall not be issued to occupy unimproved properties or areas identified as open space, preserve, drainage or detention areas, or landscape buffers.

All outdoor dining areas are instructed to be maintained and clean of litter. All “eating and drinking” establishments interested in opening outdoor spaces should now complete the application.

Completed applications should be returned to the Zoning Department at city hall.

The application states that a copy of the approved application must be kept on the premises for review by city officials on request.

For more information, residents should call Zoning Officer Alicia Losonczy at 201-858-6110 or the Health Office Official Michelle O’Reilly at 201-858-6100.

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