School board member Alonso

Dear Editor:

A man such as Mr. Alonso should not be involved in the educational processes of the school kids of Bayonne, period.

With men and women on the School Board such as this character, it’s no wonder that all of our family folk are abandoning our city, or coughing up $50,000 a year to send their kids to private or parochial schools at their own costs or even with scholarships, thank God. Soon, there will be only the Senior Citizens, Affluent Single Folk who are transients and living in all the new luxury rental buildings going up (whose next step is Maplewood or Warren), young couples whose kids are still below the Kindergarten level or who have no children of their own. My next door neighbor, an Indian gent, moved to Fairlawn with his wife and two kids, one entering the 5th Grade. For homeowner to be paying approximately $10,000 a year in taxation for a row house around here and to have a school system this utterly marginal is inexcusable.

Get ready for a big change, everybody, or move the heck out to the Poconos or to Toms River and quick!

Pete A. deMatteo