The reactions to Board of Education members Alonso vs. Terrell


Dear Editor:

The quick emergency meeting due to posts made by Bayonne Board of Education member Michael Alsonso seems to differ greatly from the meeting held due to the insensitive posts of Jersey City Board member Joan Terrell. He was overwhelmingly condemned, whereas she was overwhelmingly supported.

Rev. Dorothy Patterson is quoted as saying, “Allowing him to remain on the Board his colleagues were ‘putting a knee on the necks of every African American in this city.'” Wow, does she think the Jews don’t feel the same way with Joan Terrell being on the Board of Education, and seeing so many of the black community rallying around her? Or does she just not care?

It’s going on six months since Terrell made those remarks. She has not been removed, reprimanded nor did she apologize. She was treated like a martyr and some referred to her as being like Rosa Parks. It will be one more nail in the coffin of race relations if we see once again how severely people are punished for offending blacks while vitriol significantly worse by blacks has no consequences.

I encourage people to compare the posts of the two people in question. Look up articles that compare the difference in response from community members and it will be obvious that white people are not the only ones who significantly need to improve their sensitivity towards others.

I would love to hear what these folks denouncing Alsonso think of Terrell’s remarks. I remember one Terell supporter claimed that because of an alleged racist remark a Jewish religious leader made in Israel that should give Terrell a free pass at anti-Semitic attitudes in America. So is anybody going to argue that Alfonso should get a free pass at anti-black racism because of an anti-Semitic remark someone made in Nigeria?

Many people are perplexed that your region can be so outraged over the incident involving a black man killed in another state, while being indifferent to a massacre that happened in your very region which was a botched attempt to massacre Jewish school children that still ended six lives.

Where were all the protesters then? Where was a discussion about how the anti-Semitism which is openly flaunted by powerful black people in this country, including your city, incited it? Where were all those people demanding changes in how the black community treats others?

Lisa Regan Katz