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Bayonne Receives Clean Communities Funding



Last week, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) announced that Bayonne is receiving a Clean Communities grant of $100,525.  This funding is part of a statewide distribution of $19.4 million.  We welcome this news and appreciate the NJDEP’s grant to the City of Bayonne.

Clean Communities grants can be used for clean-ups and equipment purchases.  According to the NJDEP, equipment purchases can include “receptacles, recycle bins, anti-littering signs, and graffiti removal supplies.”

NJDEP Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe said, “Clean Communities grants help municipalities and counties with the important task of removing unsightly litter, often from roadways and around stormwater collection systems, to enhance quality of life.”

Commissioner McCabe continued, “Beautifying our communities through these types of cleanups helps improve our water quality and natural resources while also protecting wildlife and their habitats.”

The Clean Communities Program is funded by a user fee on manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. That means, the industries that produce items that might become litter help pay to clean it up. The grant to municipalities is based on the number of housing units and the miles of municipally-owned roadways (streets).  The use of housing unit numbers in the grant shows once again how important it is for everyone to make sure your housing unit is counted in Census 2020.

At this time of economic distress, it is encouraging that the NJDEP was able to distribute $17.3 million in Clean Communities grants to eligible municipalities and $2.1 million to counties. The New Jersey Clean Communities Council, a non-profit organization, oversees the reporting requirements for the grants.  The Council’s Executive Director, Sandy Huber, has worked with the City of Bayonne on this grant program for many years.

We are grateful each year that the NJDEP provides this grant to Bayonne and our friends in other municipalities. Over the years, the City of Bayonne has used Clean Communities Grants to help us clean up the extra litter that accumulates during the summer and to help fund clean-up drives at other times of the year.

We need the public’s help to keep Bayonne clean. Make sure to dispose of refuse properly.  Please put cans, bottles, yoghurt cups, paper, cardboard, and other recyclable items in recycling bins.  Please put non-recyclable refuse in regular garbage cans.  By working together, with the help of the state, the City of Bayonne and our residents can make Bayonne a cleaner community.




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