Democrats Need To Have This Conversation


Dear Editor:

Something that always bothers me is when some of my fellow “liberal/progressive” Democrats try to sahme me because the economic, financial, bread-and-butter, and kitchen-table issues mean more to me than do the lifestyle, social, identity-politics, and cultural-wars issues.

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I do care a lot about the latter, but I think that I should not be shamed for being more concerned about the poor, the near-poor, the lower classes, and the middle classes being able to survive and to pay their bills.

Little do my “Democratic Party” critics know that my wife has three family members who are multi-millionaires who would help us out in a second if the conservative-Republicans would ever cut our Social Security Retirement Benefits since she is the most beloved person on both sides of her family. So, we will always be fine.

My concern is not about “me.” My concern is about all of the millions and millions of others who rely upon programs like Social Security and Medicare and who do NOT have family members who are multi-millionaires.

Stewart B. Epstein