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In Full Color launches Bloom Virtual Summit

In Full Color will host the Bloom Virtual Fundraiser to help pay for the September performance of the In Full Color production.
In Full Color will host the Bloom Virtual Fundraiser to help pay for the September performance of the In Full Color production.

In Full Color (IFC), an organization that empowers women of color through education and the arts, will host its first Bloom Virtual Summit this year starting on July 16.

The four-day fundraiser consists of workshops, performances, and more led by women of color.

The summit promises to follow the tradition of IFC’s annual Bloom fundraisers in bringing people of all genders and colors together to celebrate and amplify the voices of Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Arab, Indigenous, and other marginalized women, albeit in a virtual setting.

COVID-19 has necessitated a completely online format.

The organization, previously known as Thinking In Full Color, hopes to raise $1,500 through the Bloom Virtual Summit.

That funding will help produce In Full Color 2020, a virtual theatrical production featuring women of color in September.

The summit includes a showing of last year’s In Full Color theatrical production.

IFC founder and director Summer Dawn Reyes said their artistic work is critical to effecting social change because it creates empathy.

“As we fight for Black lives, one issue keeps coming up — why don’t other people get it?” Reyes said. “The key to understanding issues faced by any marginalized group is empathy, the ability to share the feelings of another.”

Creating empathy

“Every year, we bring a dozen women of color from around the country together, and ask them to share their story, in their voice,” she said. “When people tell their own story, there’s a special power to it. It’s pure. It’s honest. And our audiences feel it. We create empathy.”

This year’s workshops and speakers included in the Bloom Virtual Summit include Paterson, N.J. Poet Laureate Talena Lachelle Queen, poet and UNCOMMON;YOU co-founder Dena Igusti, noted Jersey City arts leader RescuePoetix, and IFC founder Summer Dawn Reyes, to name a few.

The roughly 15 workshop topics range from body positivity and skincare to writing poetry and practicing gratitude.

All excess funds will be donated to Black Lives Matter, as IFC continues to fight against police violence and systemic racism.

In Full Color empowers woman-identified creators from marginalized ethnic groups to achieve the highest levels of authentic representation in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance, and other media. The organization also aims to entertain and educate audiences of all colors and genders about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues, and cultural exchange

The Bloom Virtual Summit begins Thursday, July 16, and ends Sunday, July 19.

For tickets or Summit-long passes, virtual attendees can make a tax-deductible donation at through the Fractured Atlas crowdfunding campaign through July 19 at 12 p.m.

Day passes cost $30 while all access Summit-long passes cost $100. A VIP package that includes a virtual swag bag, the all-access pass. IFC’s most popular merchandise, which will be mailed to your home, is also available for $150.

Merchandise in the VIP package includes bestselling coloring book Girls Who Colored Outside the Line, the In Full Color Anthology, in her words Poetry Zines, a collection of short stories titled “boys I haven’t loved yet,” as well as various enamel pins and stickers.

For an agenda of the summit, including a full list of workshops, visit

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