Alonso Must Not Resign


Dear Editor:

Michael Alonso merely stated concern about the possibility of rioting as we have seen in so many metropolitan areas. ShopRite boarded up its store on Avenue C and corner of 25th street because it wanted to protect itself against the possibility of rioting. Does that mean that their management are racists also? Then why not call to boycott Shoprite?

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As to Alonso’s post that for candidate Biden Black Lives Matter equals Black Votes Matter, this was no different than all of the sarcasm and demonization thrown at conservatives all the time. Have we already established a left liberal socialist tyranny where conservatives are not allowed to strike back in any way?

And Rev. Patterson’s statement that, “If you allow him to stay on this board, you have now put a knee on the neck of every African American in this city” is nothing but violent hate speech. To be conservative is not to be a racist! Shame on you, Reverend! You certainly are no Christian.

We must resist this left liberal socialist tyranny that does not tolerate any other opinion or world view but its own. America must never become a dictatorship. The left must learn to accept dissent. And our local Republican leadership must learn to have the courage to dissent!

Alexander H. Schenk