Nick Sacco Jr. Needs a New Line of Work

North Bergen Preschool 09-29-18
North Bergen Preschool 09-29-18

Dear Editor:

Not long ago, Nick Sacco Jr. defended what many considered to be a racially insensitive post on Facebook about abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

At that time, Mr. Sacco was a Vice-Principal in the North Bergen school system.
Since then, he has been promoted to Principal of the North Bergen Lincoln Elementary School and the North Bergen Preschool.

The North Bergen Preschool is housed in 17 trailers (Temporary Classroom Units/TCUs), which have violated State safety regulations and have violated State NJDEP regulations for their location in Braddock Park, where they illegally replaced a state funded ball field without the state’s permission.

This happened in 2001 and NJDEP has failed to take proper action to bring North Bergen into compliance with regulations since then.

TCUs are known to have poor ventilation, a big concern now that we have experienced Coronavirus.

It’s time to close down this illegal and unsafe preschool, time to replace people like Mr. Sacco, who are supposed to look out for the well-being and proper education of children.

Robert Walden