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Face masks necessary?

Dear Editor:

Mark Orman has published two Letters in The Reporter, the first on June 29, the other on July 6, both urging Hoboken’s mayor to post cops on the waterfront to enforce the wearing of face masks, and he criticizes the mayor for not doing so.

Well, anyone who does a little Googling on the subject will find doctors and experts who say masks help contain the virus, but others claim that they do more harm than good, that they leak, that they trap and harbor bacteria when they become moist from one’s breath, and that healthy people, with no symptoms of Covid, need not wear them except when entering a public place where social distancing is not possible.

I don’t wear a mask while walking on the street (impossible to enjoy a walk breathing through that thing), but I do put one on when I enter a store or shop, out of courtesy and because it is expected of me.

The mayor answered Mr. Orman by saying he had no cops to spare to patrol the waterfront. Good for him. Because of the (unnecessary?) lockdown caused by the virus, Hoboken is short of revenue needed to pay cops and everybody else, so my taxes, already the highest for any town of comparable size in the Milky Way, will be raised again. The last thing we need are cops patrolling the waterfront.

T. Weed


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