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With no COVID-19 patients, Bayonne Medical Center prepares for the future

Dr. Vijay Singh said that the community is doing its part to stop the spread

BMC recorded no COVID-19 patients as of July 10.

Bayonne Medical Center had zero COVID-19 patients as of July 10.

Since then, it has had one transfer patient admitted to the emergency room. The single-digit number hasn’t been seen since early March.

Throughout March and April, the average number of COVID-19 patients was in the 80s, with that number on a consistent decline in June and July.

Now the hospital is virtually COVID free.

Dr. Vijay Singh, Chief Medical Officer at BMC, said the community has been following COVID-19 guidelines,including wearing masks and social distancing.

COVID-19 cases have been declining, down to 75.

Decisive treatments have been given to patients early on, a key factor in keeping the number low. Three front-line therapies have proven most effective in treating COVID-19.

Singh said the average patient at BMC would receive remdesivir, IL-6 inhibitors and convalescent plasma therapy.

Keeping numbers low

Better testing capabilities are now available, which is helping Singh and the staff at BMC continue to keep the number of cases low.

In March and April, COVID-19 tests were scarce. Now the hospital can test people and get results in approximately 35 minutes, according to Singh.

Despite the low numbers now, the hospital is prepared for a surge in the near future.

“These viral pandemics usually have a few cycles and based on past trends, there will be a second surge at some point,” Singh said.

If the second wave of the virus popped up during flu season, it would be a “nightmare” for the hospital.

BMC has a months-long stockpile of PPE.

Singh said that BMC has been providing masks and PPE for staff and patients. Discharged patients leave with a mask.

Widespread testing

Residents can be tested at BMC through appointments made by their physicians, at Riteaid uptown, and the CityMD on Route 440.

For more information, go to riteaid.com or citymd.com.

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