Governor Murphy’s Incompetence

Dear Editor:

Why does New Jersey keep electing such buffoons? We have a Governor who is intentionally preventing small business owners from fully reopening and making an honest living. It is clear that this is all being orchestrated to permanently damage the economy so the President can be blamed and lose his re-election bid.

If proper protection protocols are followed there is no need to have any business closed. As Governor Murphy preaches to us about staying 6 feet apart, he is not following his own guidance, as he himself was protesting in Hillside during a pandemic. How reckless is that behavior? Just another example of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

It is in the Democratic Party’s interest to have Joe Biden win, so his Socialist/Marxist operatives, who will control his presidency, will ensure that the American taxpayers will financially bailout New Jersey and other states with their overspending and corruption by bankrupting the rest of the country. Just look at Venezuelan where residents are scrambling for food and less than 7 years ago, they were the richest oil country in South America. This is called Socialism, where the powerful retain their own money and take yours.

Helen Nicpon