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Dear Dr. Norquist:

How can I stop myself from this crazy worrying and obsessing and thinking too much about past and future and being a perfectionist etc.? I need help! And some advice! Thank you.

Dr. Norquist responds:

It sounds like you need a well of inner peace to delve into – a well that is never far away, always close at hand. This well exists all around us, always, yet we are so focused on our thoughts that we don’t notice it. It’s like the air that surrounds us. It envelops us, yet we don’t notice its’ life-giving sustenance. Instead, we focus on things in the outer world, or the “things” of our internal world of thoughts and experiences. A daily practice that puts you in touch with this life supporting well of peace would be quite healing for you.

Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now, 1999), uses an analogy that is helpful here. He points out that when we look up into the night sky, what we focus on are the stars and the moon. We fail to notice the immense space that exists as the background to the “things” (stars) that we focus on. He talks of the need for developing “space consciousness”, or an awareness of the space between “things”. This entails developing the ability to relax our grasp on and our obsession with things. Remember, thoughts (worries) are also “things”. It’s akin to focusing on the space between thoughts – as many books on meditation will instruct you to do.

The most powerful thing you can do to manage your worries is to commit yourself to practicing the ability to step back and learn to put your mind’s gears in neutral. Focus on the space between things, sense the stillness that supports inner life, and experience the peace that wells up inside when you stop to be still. Enjoy the serenity that surrounds nature. Give yourself time to practice being fully in each moment – with your senses and your awareness. Find a practice, approach, or way of thinking that helps you to bring this well of peace into your life. Practices that can be helpful in this regard include meditation (traditional or mindfulness-based), yoga, prayer, Tai chi, sports, relaxation/breathing exercises, imagery, and time spent with nature. If this response leaves you with further questions, feel free to write again.

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