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Last chance to save Braddock Park

Dear Editor:

North Bergen officials just don’t get it; in a 2000 voter referendum, residents defeated a proposal to build a school in Braddock Park.

A year later, in 2001, officials disregarded the public’s wishes and wasted State taxpayer money by removing a Green Acres funded ball-field from the park, replacing it with the 17 trailer North Bergen preschool that is still there, even though the State has repeatedly directed North Bergen to remove the illegally located school from the park.

Braddock Park is reserved for recreation and open space – any other use, such as for a school, is illegal.

After many years of stalling and not moving the preschool as directed, North Bergen is now trying to keep its current preschool, or is intending to build a new preschool on this ball-field site, in exchange for creating lousy pocket parks, elsewhere in the County.

One breach of trust has led to another breach of trust…
In 2017, North Bergen announced it would buy Hi-Tech HS, and the extra classrooms would enable a realignment of North Bergen schools, which would enable the preschool to leave Braddock Park.
North Bergen told Green Acres it hoped to have the preschool out of the park in time for the 2019-20 school year, but if it couldn’t, no later than Green Acres 08-31-21 deadline to do so.
In a special 2018 referendum, voters approved this plan, but North Bergen ignored the voters’ directive and instead, is now trying to keep the preschool in the park.

Please tell officials to not disregard the public’s mandate and continue wasting taxpayer money, and don’t dismantle Braddock Park recreational and open space land for preschool use.
This is the public’s only chance to hear North Bergen’s plan and to comment on it:

ZOOM SCOPING HEARING – Tuesday, August 11, 6:00-9:00 PM
PASSWORD: 608149
PHONE-IN (same day & time) (929) 205-6099 Meeting ID: 881 0564 5624 Password: 608149

Also, Please email the following with your comments, now until August 25:

Robert Walden

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