The Unscientific COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Editor:

Dr. Fauci has totally mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fauci focused solely on the infection avoidance theory developed by the UN’s WHO. The theory that we can condense (flatten and shorten) the pandemic curve by lock down, social distancing and masking is pure fiction and not science since this theory cannot and has not been validated!

Scientific theories are validated with experiments that can be replicated and produce an expected outcome every time. This vital condition for science does not apply to the infection avoidance theory. Thus, even though we have seen the down slope of the curve, as soon as we relaxed the lock down, social distancing and masking conditions, the pandemic resumed its natural course immediately and infections and hospitalizations picked right up.

How much longer can we destroy American lives with excessive unemployment and bankruptcies? What we needed was immediate research into the treatment of the symptoms of the infection to avoid death from COVID-19. It took three months until the first autopsy on a person who died from COVID-19 was done. Under the health directive of Dr. Fauci they let people die for three months until someone finally performed an autopsy!

Rather than relying on American ingenuity, as we have in the past, Dr. Fauci submitted us, the USA, under the dictate of the UN! To this date we do not have any recommendation on how to treat severe cases of COVID-19 infections other than using ventilators and hydration. A few hospitals decided to add treatments with blood thinners and steroids successfully. But this is not yet recommended by the CDC.

By siding with the left liberal socialist movement that wants the UN be granted world governmental powers, Dr. Fauci has become responsible for the majority of American deaths from COVID-19 and must therefore be removed from office as soon as possible. We must find our way back to rational thinking and give this left liberal socialist movement that the Democrat Party joined, unfortunately, the boot.

Alexander Schenk