Man leads police on high speed chase through Bayonne and Jersey City

Rashaad Smith was taken into custody by the Bayonne Police Department


A man led police on a high speed pursuit through Bayonne and Jersey City on July 29.

Rashaad Smith, of Jersey City, was taken into custody from the area of Brown Place, Jersey City.

Action-movie worthy 

Officers in the area of West 53rd St. in Bayonne observed a black Dodge Durango, later determined to be owned and operated by Smith, double park on the corner of 53rd St. and Ave. B.

Smith exited the vehicle and walked east on 53rd St. Meanwhile, a police check of the vehicle led to the discovery that the owner, Smith, had a suspended driver’s license.

Shortly after, officers observed him exit a building on 53rd St. and walk back to his vehicle. While Smith was walking back to his vehicle, officers observed him attempting to conceal an item in his waistband. Police said Smith then entered his vehicle and fled at a high rate of speed.

Officers attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop of the Durango in the area of 58th St. and Kennedy Blvd., but as soon as they activated their emergency lights and sirens, Smith accelerated and initiated a motor vehicle pursuit.

Smith proceeded to operate his vehicle at high speeds and in a reckless manner, disregarding numerous red lights and causing danger to other motorists.

The pursuit continued into Jersey City where officers observed Smith discard narcotics out of the driver side window. Smith then crashed into a vehicle stopped at the red light at Neptune Ave. and Kennedy Blvd. and continued fleeing in his vehicle.

The struck vehicle also left the scene and did not report the crash or any injuries. As the pursuit continued onto Linden Ave., officers again observed Smith discarding a large plastic bag out of the driver side window.

Fleeing on foot

Sensing the pursuit too dangerous to continue, the officers terminated the pursuit but were able to observe Smith exit his moving vehicle and flee on foot on Brown St. Police said the vehicle eventually came to rest after it struck an unoccupied parked BMW on Brown St.

Officers immediately gave chase on foot while ordering Smith to stop. According to authorities, Smith refused to comply and attempted to enter his residence on Brown St. While attempting to enter his residence, officers observed him discard a plastic ziplock bag over the fence in the alleyway.

Officers were able to close the distance in the alleyway and order Smith to the ground to be arrested before he entered the residence. Smith complied and was taken into custody.

As officers recovered the plastic bag from the alleyway, they discovered that it contained $5,822 in various U.S. currency denominations allegedly from the sale of narcotics.

As officers retraced the pursuit, they recovered the bag Smith was observed discarding in the area of Linden Street. The bag contained a quantity of marijuana, later determined to be 64 grams, according to police.

During the arrest process, the driver’s license Smith provided to the officers as identification was determined to be counterfeit.

Smith was charged with false government documents, evidence tampering, obstructing a governmental function, and resisting arrest.

He was additionally charged and was also processed on an open warrant for his arrest issued out of Newark.

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