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Response To Bernie Schmernie

Dear Editor:

First and foremost the response to my letter concerning Bernie Sanders was a great critique that previously I have considered and duly appreciated. I do see how the media does take certain characters and paints them in a favorable as well as attractive light for a manipulative purpose. I do also understand how some of Bernie’s policies along with most politicians have not been retrospectively in the best interest of the people. But to be fair, we all can only wholly comprehend the significance of something through 20/20 vision.

Making the argument that Sanders made certain choices along with President Obama among others who are universally beloved, that would be considered quite honorable, is fair. Still, human error is and should be expected. When in comparison to other “solid” candidates I do believe Sanders was the most progressive of choices, and a fighter on behalf of the working man. Could he potentially be a puppet of the deep state? Sure, and I do accept that. Coming from that school of thought constantly might deter the youth from even desiring to be a part of election seasons, and voting in general.

As a 21 year old independent with progressive leanings I do see how fundamentally all persons running for office have their own personal agendas. How they dress them up is what allows them to become appealing. For me, the tackling of particular issues plaguing not just our country but also the entire world, is what profoundly affects me. Even if Sanders isn’t the essentially “good” human being that I’ve digested his persona to be, he still was the best candidate for what I and most Americans even so after this pandemic, needed.

After every single Democratic debate where Biden looked as if he didn’t know where he was, and Buttigieg continued to slam dunk Warren along with Klobuchar, Bernie never wavered from his wishes for the country. What I value right now as someone who will be dealing with whatever mess future lawmakers leave behind, global warming, confronting the student loan debt crisis, and healthcare. Sanders was the only one who fit the bill and yet still was robbed. Whether Trump or Biden gets elected, there won’t be much that changes. By the senior elites of the Democratic party siding with the “traditional” they’ve made room for a more dynamic socialist in the year 2024.

Mark my words, this upcoming election no matter who wins will be a milestone of sorts. Those future candidates who hit the stage will be the byproduct of a more conservative, as well as respectable Trump 2.0 and an unapologetic progressive that’s not going to take any anti bias alike to how Bernie sadly, allowed himself to be pacified. Honestly, I put my money on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez running. It will be like lightning in a bottle.

Kena Dijiba

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